Monday, June 4, 2012

I love you and giggles

For the longest time I've wanted to hear Gavin say the words "I love you". He will smile when I say it to him, or even give me a kiss, however, when I ask him to say it he smiles at me and says "no". He is such a turkey. Well, the other day I was exhausted and having an anxiety attack. I look at him and say "I really need to hear you say 'I love you'." He then looks at me sweetly and says "I wuve you." Oh, my heart melted. He hasn't said it since, but that was the best feeling.

Tonight I had both Gavin and Mia on my lap. Gavin was being his normal silly self. Mia would just look at Gavin and smile nice and big. Well, Gavin laughed and all of a sudden Mia started to giggle. It was absolutely adorable. My baby is giggling!!!

Talking about baby, she is crying. Momma's gotta go!!!

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