Monday, June 4, 2012

I love you and giggles

For the longest time I've wanted to hear Gavin say the words "I love you". He will smile when I say it to him, or even give me a kiss, however, when I ask him to say it he smiles at me and says "no". He is such a turkey. Well, the other day I was exhausted and having an anxiety attack. I look at him and say "I really need to hear you say 'I love you'." He then looks at me sweetly and says "I wuve you." Oh, my heart melted. He hasn't said it since, but that was the best feeling.

Tonight I had both Gavin and Mia on my lap. Gavin was being his normal silly self. Mia would just look at Gavin and smile nice and big. Well, Gavin laughed and all of a sudden Mia started to giggle. It was absolutely adorable. My baby is giggling!!!

Talking about baby, she is crying. Momma's gotta go!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hair cuts, cars, and education

Time for updates! YEAH!!!!

Lets start with the haircuts! I cut Gavin's hair last night. He SOOOO needed one. He was looking rather shabby. I thought he looked cute, however it has been really hot lately and the poor boy gets red in the face so easily at daycare. He loves to play hard. As you can see his daddy looks a bit shabby too! Donovan is short haired as always, his mom likes him to have it that short at all times!

I decideded to cut his hair with scissors! Um, that was a mistake! He cryed the entire time and I ended up with a bathtub full of hair. He looked really cute from the front! However it looked like I butchered his hair from the back. OH, I DID butcher it from the back!!!!

So, this afternoon I decided to just buzz him. I didn't want to go too short, so I went with the length daddy did this past week. A #7 if that means anything! The funniest thing is that yesterday he screamed when I cut his hair and tonight with the clippers he actually WANTED me to give him a hair cut! Not as cute as before, but he's still adorable!

He may not look happy in the dimmly lit picture, but he likes his hair! He wanted to go watch cars! Which is a good segway onto the next topic! CARS!!!

For 3 years Gavin has not been interested in television. Well, on Saturday Cars was on Disney. He LOVES playing with cars, so it shouldn't have been a surprise! He sat there transfixed. In fact when a comerical would come on he would run into the other room crying for CARS. It was so cute that we had to go and buy the movie for him. He has been walking around going Kabow, Kachow ever since! OH SO CUTE!!!! Granted, now he doesn't want to read books, but that is not an option. I actually am going to start keeping track of how long I read to my kids. I want Them to have at least 500-1000 hours of reading before they go to school.

Talking about school - Today when I picked Gavin up he had a paper with his name printed on it three times. He said "Gavin name" when he saw it. I showed him the paper and he said G-A-V-I-N. I was so excited. Unfortunately he wouldn't do it for Daddy!

Mia has started to sleep in her crib! Huge for mommy. For a week now I've had a whole nights sleep. Granted, not last night, but hopefully that will be a fluke! She actually is starting to go down on her own also. She crys for a few minutes, it breaks my heart to listen to her but I'm tired of her pinching me, so I think it is best!
OH, how do you love her big blue eyes!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

World Eagle Day

We took the kids to a local bird sanctuary today for World Eagle Day. The bors enjoyed themselves.

Monday, March 15, 2010

New tricks

My boys! Aren't they adorable? Donovan
has his dad's goofy grin!
Mia has a new trick. She is starting to sit. She doesn't do it very well, or for very long, but she is doing it. Don't you just love her chubby little cheeks? I think it is just adorable. She looks so much like her brother. People say she looks like me, however I don't see it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Everyone is growing

I can't believe how much everyone is growing. Amelia doesn't fit in 3-6 clothes all of a sudden, which is weird because she has only grown 1/2 an inch in two months. She now weighs 15lbs 9 oz. up two pounds exactly from her 4 month check up. She is rolling over front to back, although she HATES tummy time. She sits up with help for a few seconds at a time. She likes veggie baby food, but doesn't like fruites. The doctor said we could go ahead and start her on soft table foods. She went after the biter buiscuit I gave her. She chews and everything. Definitley teething. She still doesn't sleep through the night and spends most fo the night hogging the bed.

Gavin is so cute. He has started to say "I love you." And he has now said "I love . . . " about other things. He will eat something and say "I no like it." He loves day care. He has a favorite teacher, the director Betty and one of the older girls, I think she is around 10. He loves arts and crafts time. He adores music. He walks around doing the beat of "we will, we will rock you" and sometimes he sings the lyrics. He loves the piano and I think I would like for him to learn how to play some day.

Donovan is on medicine for ADHD. He has improved scholastically. He is wanting to read to me, which is an improvement. He does rather well. Apparently he has been getting violent when he gets home in the afternoons. The doctor says it is a side effect of coming off the meds. He is now taking a smaller dosage at home so that he doesn't get so violent. I've encouraged Mystie to seek counciling with him. Her comment was "Good luck." We then said that we would seek it through the church. She said that was okay, as long as she was involved. Well, concidereing he probably needs most of the counciling from her end of things of course we would involve her. Whagt a weird thing to say.

I'm doing great in my masters program so far. I have a 98% and this is our last week. Should be an easy week! We shall see.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

best 30 dollars

We bought a play gym for Mia this weekend. It is the best 30 I've spent. She hates tummy time and floor time, but I know that she has to do it to start rolling over and all that jazz. She now lays on the floor and plays for her floor time with no problems. I'm so glad.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

On the news

Friday we didn't have school so we headed to a pizza buffet place that has games. It was a family fun outing promised to Donovan. Wehn we got there Fox 2 news had thier cameras out. We got interviewed! We were on the news!!!,0,3759896.story